Packing up

today is the day- i am moving out of my grandparents' home and heading to my parents' for a few days. i am leaving on thursday to head up to D. C., where i will fly out out on friday and arrive in buenos aires saturday morning. eeee i'm so excited!

I found a few items while packing up all my things:

 A jawbreaker- brought back so many childhood memories. My elementary school would take the students to a science museum every year and afterward to a little downtown sweets shop. Each child had the choice between a jawbreaker and ice cream, and i'd always get the ice cream, while my sisters would get the jawbreaker. after we all got home and for weeks after, i would take random licks of their jawbreakers and they would get so angry ;)

 Have you guys ever tried Tazo's Passion Tea? It literally makes you feel like you're in paradise- the taste, the color, and especially the smell.

So I have finally realized that I have way too many clothes. Taking them all out and throwing them haphazardly everywhere was the intervention I needed. Next stop, Goodwill.

What are you all doing for New Year's Eve? I might be heading to a party with my family. I'm down for any chance to get all snazzed up. Happy New Year!!

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