i arrived in buenos aires this morning after a flight from d.c. to dallas and then dallas to argentina.

it's so weird that i am actually here, after all the planning and paperwork i've had to do the past months.

being here is amazing- the porteños are beautiful and so is their land.

i got lost today, meandering around the city for two hours because i couldn't find the office i was meant to go for a meeting. i'm so sad i didn't have my camera on me- i wish i had those lost hours documented.

homemade vegan empanadas from my host mom- so so good

my host mother is so kind and giving and cheerful. in a week, a woman named fermina will be coming to the apartment from paraguay to do the cleaning and washing and cooking. so far, everything seems like this time and my stay in the building with be tranquil.

this is my straight on view from my window- and i'm actually really happy about it. i've always had a childhood hope that i think was shaped by watching hey arnold of having my window directly across another window of a different building, and the person living there and i would become best friends and we would have secret gestures and would hold important conversations while leaning out our screens. while i get that the fact that i'm excited as an adult is probably creepy and weird, i'm excited nonetheless even though the chance that whoever's in there and i will become best friends and hold important conversations is small.

xoxo amanda


  1. ros has the simple things
    shes got the rain and springs
    shes got spicy chicken wings
    and french fried onion rings

  2. this is rllyrlly so good and cool!!! im so excited for u but also mad u didnt put up more pictures thanks for nothing! ok bye!1 happy for your window!!