I started making wine in June this summer after finding out it was super easy and would make you look like a foodie + an awesome person everyone would aspire to be like. ...also after I took a lab in microbiology and we made wine from Walmart frozen concentrated grape juice and it was so freaking awesome. I mean, add some sugar and the outcome is alcohol? Genius (and way cheaper).

So today, finally, I bottled and corked some of the pear wine I made and it was amazing... because I am officially a vintner!

Anyway, here's to your holiday and time off. Eat good food with good people and try not to think about going back to work/school. I am preparing to move out of the country soon for a few months and have to get to organizing it (yikes!). Have any of you been to Argentina and have a few good tips to share?

xoxo amanda

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