Project 365, Day 7

Day: So. Didn't do anything today, really. Homework, iTunes because Spotify doesn't work here for some reason, and then a long walk! I headed to a park called el Bosque del Palermo, Palermo's Forest. It was a gorgeous park with a lake in the center with white pelicans everywhere, a carousel, and a plaza where children could ride ponies. It was adorable.

On the way home, I went to a grocery store called Amor (how cute, right?) and bought a 50-cent pack of six hotdogs, an apple, buns, a large pouch of ketchup, and a 60-cent 3 L bottle of soda. Came home and ate while rewatching Season 1 of Modern Family. Preeety good day. 

Picture: I love mornings around here.


  1. I love Modern Family. It's amazing how much time I can waste away watching re-runs of that show! x