Project 365, Day 14

Day: Got up early and went to El Tigre. It's about 30 minutes outside the city and has a slower pace of life on the river. We had planned on going there by train, then taking an hour boat ride to a private beach on the river, but of all the boats available and the thousands of beaches, only one boat was operating and going to one public beach. 

So, we decided once we got to El Tigre to walk through El Puerto de Frutos, a street market held every weekend. We sat down at an outdoor restaurant and they drank fresh fruit juices and ate choripan. Afterward, we found a beautiful grassy spot and set up camp where we stayed for four hours, and enjoyed 70 cent dulce de leche/vanilla swirl cones from the McDonald's a couple feet away from us (you can kind of see the yellow 'M' in the top right of the last picture below).

Picture: ... it was wonderful.

xo amanda

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