What I ate

The best ice cream of my life: pineapple and passion fruit
Empanadas filled with tomatoes, onions, and corn; kiwi/plum 
 Tomato and lettuce salad, pelon, potato with cheese, grilled vegetables, and bread
 plum, bread, and pasta with grilled vegetables
 hot dogs and alfajores = best lazy day meal ever
coke, pelon, and empanadas of tomato, corn, and caramelized onion 
Tomato and lettuce salad, bread, tortilla (potato and egg type of omelet), coke 
peruvian hamburger and fries (best i've ever had) 
 cheesy onion and garlic pasta with tomatoes and basil, bread, fresh fig/grapes
Passion fruit/strawberry smoothie 
cabbage/lentil/potato soup, peach, bread 
egg rolls, soy sauce, peaches, and lettuce, tomato, cucumber, grape, onion salad
making hummus 
tart with thousands of vegetables 
basil goes on everything 
cantaloupe, cafe con leche, bread with cheese and jelly 
steak made of soy protein and vegetables, pelon, shredded carrots with vinegar/oil, and eggs 
fried street flatbread 
grapes, bread, omelet, and tomatoes with Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, vinegar, and oil

Thought I'd share what I've been eating over the past month! 

I just finished another semester's worth of Spanish in a month, so I will be beginning the next two months of Spanish in about a week (advanced level!). This upcoming week in Spring Break, and I will be going to Mendoza for six days, wine country of Argentina:

so excited!

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