Cochabamba La Mejor

I traveled 50 hours each way by bus to visit the family of my grandmother's sister for Easter in Cochabamba. We drove through the jungle of Bolivia, one of the most gorgeous sights I've ever experienced.
I bought artesanias, ate street food, made a chocolate cake, found out the "spaghetti and meatballs" they eat in Bolivia is spaghetti with roasted boned chicken with tomato sauce, gorged myself on leftover chocolate buttercream and ganache, listened to Abba practically nonstop and still have "Dancing Queen" in my head, played a ton of Uno, tried a fermented grape drink (not wine) called guarapo that tasted like juice, drank white wine with freshly blended ice-cold peach juice, and hung out with my cousins.
I am so blessed.

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  1. beautiful photos, it sounds like you're having quite an amazing time visiting family and friends :)