"What is it that is hidden behind the Yankee's hatred of the Cuban Revolution? What is it that
rationally  explains the  conspiracy which unites, for the  same   aggressive  purpose, the  most
powerful and richest imperialist power in the modern world and the oligarchies of an  entire
continent, which together are supposed to represent a population of 350 million human beings,
against   a  small   country   of   only  seven   million   inhabitants,   economically   underdeveloped,
without financial or military means to threaten the security or economy of any other country?
What   unites  them  and stirs them up in fear?  What  explains it is fear. Not fear of the  Cuban
Revolution   but  fear  of  the  Latin   American  revolution.   Not  fear  of  the   workers,   peasants,
intellectuals,  students,  and progressive  sectors of the  middle  strata  which,   by  revolutionary
means, have taken power in Cuba; but fear that the workers, peasants, students, intellectuals,
and progressive sectors of the middle strata will, by revolutionary means, take power in the
oppressed and hungry countries exploited by the Yankee monopolies and reactionary oligarchies
of America;  fear  that   the   plundered   people   of  the   continent  will  seize   the   arms from  the
oppressors and, like Cuba, declare themselves free people of America."

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