Project 365, Day 10

Day: Final went well today! It was extremely long, but I was done in about two hours, so that was cool. Afterward, I went to a diner-like restaurant called Forrest Gump, then to COTO again to buy some stuff I needed... like hair dye... because I realized from this picture that I had red hair, which I realized because the guy in front of me has red hair. And so we were basically hair twins. And I don't know how I feel about that.

Picture: Stuff from COTO: a glass soda bottle, orange soda because it was the cheapest, dye, a tortilla on the bottom left, a flan in the bottom middle, and some yerba mate called amanda that at $0.90 I just had to get. I mean, come on.

(Tortillas- pronounced tor/tee/jas- are like a potato omelet- the inside had thinly sliced potatoes -like scalloped potatoes- mixed with cheese, crushed red pepper, salt, and strings of onion, and in a mixture of eggs and flour that I'm guessing was pan-fried. It was so good. Oh, and the $0.50 flan was pretty disgusting and eggy.)
You guys. You guys. This exists:
 ... and I can't wait to put it in my soda bottle collection back home. Passion fruit is basically the best flavor of any fruit out there.

xo amanda

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