Project 365, Day 11

Day: Yesterday was relaxing. It was a national holiday in Argentina, so no one worked and I didn't have school. In the afternoon, I went to an ice cream store, Persicco, with a bunch of friends to celebrate a birthday. The ice cream was so delicious. I shared with a friend and we got strawberry cream, passion fruit (have I mentioned this is the best flavor of any fruit, ever?), Swiss chocolate, and dulce de leche con brownie. The dulce de leche ice cream was SO good! It had huge chunks of brownies and pecans. Afterward, I went to a friend's house to dye her hair red, then returned to my apartment, ate, then fell asleep writing this post with my laptop on my stomach. haha.

Picture: I went to a dance club Wednesday night because it was Ladies Night and it was free and that's not something you just pass up, and when I got back my feet looked like this-
So much fun.
xo amanda

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