Project 365, Day 2

Day: After school, us study abroad kids went to el Teatro Col√≥n, a famous old opera house (that's still being used!) It was so beautiful and I was reminded of my grandmother, who would have loved the gold plated rooms and classic decor of the building.

Picture: We were late for the first tour, so we had an hour to kill and decided to head to the Obelisk, which was only a couple blocks from the theatre. It was cool, but even cooler was the surroundings- this place basically looked like Times Square, with the huge billboards (both electronic and not), colors, and just in general craziness. Pretty awesome.
Oh! and see that McDonald's? Some of us went there to get smoothies, and this place was like a freaking patisserie. It had tons of pastries including croissants, eclairs, and macarons. MACARONS.  Oh Buenos Aires I love you.

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