summer in winter

About a month before I arrived in Buenos Aires, I began to listen to happy summer music instead of the slow songs of winter. I looked at pretty, flowery dresses and pictures of the lazy, hazy days of summer. I did this to get me in the mindset of summer instead that of a cold, grey winter, since I would be making the switch in 11.5 hours. But, as I was doing this, I realized it made me insanely happy to have these reminders of hot days, even if it was cold and dreary outside. So, here are some links around the web that may be able to help beat the winter blues everyone gets.

This song is "Dime Que Me Quieres", which translates to "tell me that you love me". Basically it makes you really happy and carefree, like you are traveling on a large speedboat through the Caribbean with a bunch of natives while sipping a cold pina colada.

These sunglasses from Free People would be perfect while walking/shopping at a street fair.

I just really love this picture from We Heart It:

These nails from here are so good

This vintage floral swimsuit top:

These sandals:

This picture from this Tumblr about this perfect summer song 

Thinking of picnicking beneath a linen tent alongside a river (by Vera Bradley)

And finally (#becauseIcouldgoonallday #annndIneedtoconjugateSpanishverbs), the entire collection of Aida Coronado, and my three favorites... because I couldn't pick just one. Or two:

(this last one is going to be my wedding dress. no joke)

Well there it is! Here's to hoping some lighthearted happiness came your way.

xo amanda

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