oh, the food of buenos aires

Things I miss from the US: my family. spicy foods. sleeping comfortably and cool. being able to walk outside without being overwhelmed by the vast majority of people smoking. good cheese. pizza.

With that being said, buenos aires is amazing and those things are shrink in comparison to what's happening here.

Things i love in BA: having a jumbo size jar of dulce de leche in my room that i can dip into whenever i want. being able to walk everywhere or take cheap transportation by way of bus, subway, or train (each about $0.50). having so many activities available. the amazing and fresh food (as shown by the many pictures above... haha). the absolutely BEAUTIFUL clothes- it's like walking through a free people/anthropologie/urban outfitters store in the summertime where beautiful flowy dresses abound. being able to go to the beach by free transportation that's 30 minutes away and have picnics- whenever you feel like it.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! I have to stay in today and write a paper, but I may head to Chinatown later (3 blocks away from my apartment!), and I believe I will go to a beautiful cathedral tomorrow morning that is only one block away, then head to San Telmo after, a street fair held every Sunday.

xo amanda

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