this & that


1. so in love with BA fruit. usually i'm good after one, but here they are so juicy and so fresh and so sweet that i can't stop
2. went to touristy pub crawls, but so much fun nonetheless. met people and had a good time. (by Buenos Aires Pub Crawl)
3. an ice cream alfajor- dulce de leche ice cream sandwiched between two cookies
4. my study abroad program people and i went to el tigre on saturday- it's a 30 minute ride outside the city. rivers and boats and sunshine and happiness live there
5. ... as well as the first protest in years. argentines were riding their boats and holding signs because the electricity has been off for days
6. we rode an hour long open wooden boat to a private beach
7. such adorable houses and beautiful plants along the river
8. banana licuado and choripan (banana blended with milk, and chorizo + pan = sausage and bread) literally one of the most delicious meals i've ever eaten
9. it was seriously the best
10. friends
11. at a restaurant later that day
12. cheers for cool drinks on a 90 degree day
13. toasted ham & cheese
14. it was my friend's birthday yesterday, so we went back to el tigre, this time to the larger river where we had a fruit picnic with cake and alfajores and for some, beer
15. gorgeous day
16. communal meal of watermelon


  1. this all looks sooo good and beautiful! i love these pictures! that last pic is so cool! i am going to make the choripan here! obvi it wont be as good but from how u described it even if its just half as good it would still be really good! plus ben loves sausage! sad ros just woke up while i was typing this! ok bye friend!

    1. happy thanks friend! you seriously should, and for the herb sauce just use olive oil and chop up all kinds of herbs and pimentos i think maybe! and you need the banana blended with milk- i know it sounds gross but it is basically a paradise in your mouth! hahaahahaha sad ok bye!